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General Meeting

on the Mechanics of Nano-objects

Marseille, November 5-6, 2015

Organizing Committee : Olivier Thomas, Cathy Paitel (IM2NP Marseille)




book of abstracts

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program.pdf to download

Thursday November 5th, 2015   

09:00 Welcome
09 :30 – 10:00  O. Thomas – Intro. GDRi MECANO 2012-2015
Modeling & Simulation I
10:00 – 10:45  E. Bitzek - Atomistic Studies on the Influence of Twin Boundaries on the Deformation Behavior of FCC Nano-Objects
10:45 – 11:10  Coffee Break
11:10 -11:30  E. Clouet - Screw Dislocation Mobility in Zr and Ti
11:30– 11:50  N. Combe - Elementary Mechanisms of the Shear-Coupled Grain Boundary Migration
11:50 – 12:10  J.M. Roussel - Stability of a screw dislocation in a <011> copper nanowire
12:10-12:30  L. Pizzagalli  - Plasticity mechanisms in nanowires and nanoparticles revealed by atomistic simulations
12 :30-14 :00  Lunch
Modeling & Simulation II
14:00-14:20  J. Guénolé - Evidence of pre-strain influence on FIB machining and resulting mechanical properties in silicon
14:20-14:40  M. Voisin - Modelling of an initiation and propagation test of fused silica direct bonding assembly
Growth, defects and interfaces
14:40-15:00  M. Vallet - Strain at spontaneously-formed interfaces in InAs/AlSb heterostructures: toward a quantitative analysis
15:00-15:20  G. Renaud - In situ X-ray scattering investigations on SiGe nanowires: growth, strain and dance
15:20-15:40  S. Labat - Inversion Domain Boundaries in GaN Wires Revealed by Coherent Bragg Imaging
15:40-16:00  G. Richter - Growth of metal nanowhiskers 
16 :00-16 :30  Coffee Break
In situ mechanical testing  I
16:30-16:50  X. Maeder- Some recent advances in nanomechanical testing: high strain rates, variable temperatures, fatigue, stress relaxation and in situ EBSD during micro-pillar compression
16:50-17:10  T. Cornelius - Scanning force microscope for in situ nano-mechanical testing coupled with nanofocused X-ray diffraction
17:10-17:30  M. Cordill - In-situ Electro-Mechanical Testing with Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
17:30-17:50  S. Djaziri - Deformation-driven phase transition in severely cold-deformation pearlitic steel
17:50-19:00  Poster Session
20 :00  Dinner downtown (Restaurant La Nautique, more info here)

Friday November 6th, 2015  

In situ mechanical testing II
09:00-09:45  D. Gianola - The Influence of Surface State on Plastic Yielding in Dislocation Nucleation-Mediated Nanostructures
09:45-10:05  Z. Ren - In situ three point bending tests in combination with µLaue diffraction
10:05-10 :30  Coffee Break
10:30-10:50  A. Davydok - The full stress tensor analysis during a micro compression experiment on Germanium micropillar
10 :50-11 :10  G. Beutier - Coherent Diffraction Imaging of crystal defects during nanoindentation
11 :10 – 11 :30  R. Fritz - Investigation of Deformation Mechanisms in BCC Chromium by Macro- and Small-scale Testing Techniques
11 :30-11 :50  M. Verdier 
11:50-12:30  M. Legros - NEXT MECANO Network 2016-2019 (pdf available here)
12 :20-14:00  Lunch


GDRi Coordinator : Olivier Thomas (IM2NP, Aix-Marseille University)
Co-coordinators : Anne Ponchet (CEMES, CNRS, Toulouse) and T. Pardoen (Université Catholique Louvain, Belgium)