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Mechanical Issues for Advanced Electron Devices Workshop

Grenoble, France, June 29 and 30, 2015

Organizing Committee : Mireille Mouis (IMEP-LHAC), Olivier Thomas (IM2NP Marseille), Ehrenfried Zschech (Fraunhofer Dresden), Cathy Paitel (IM2NP, Marseille)



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Nano-electronic devices are made from an increasingly complex combination of different materials at nanometer scales. Strain and stress arise inevitably and bring a number of questions, which go from fundamental physics to reliability issues. Scaling to 1D and 2D structures (such as nanowires, nanotubes or 2D materials) raises practical questions about the increasing role of surface effects (such as adhesion effects involved in nanowires bundling, sticking effects during NEMS fabrication and operation, adhesion and friction of 2D materials with substrates and resists) or about the importance of non-linear effects, as well as fundamental questions about the validity of continuum mechanics. Stress and strains are also increasingly used as control parameters to improve device performance (e.g. by improving carrier transport or tunneling efficiency) or to make specific structures (such as folds in 2D materials).

This “strain engineering” route is ever more efficient as dimensions decrease. The prediction of strain fields and of their influence still requires, however, a lot of work, at the interface between mechanics and electronics. Finally, mapping strains at the desired scale remains a real challenge.

The workshop aims to address

(1) Mechanical effects and strain engineering in devices such as advanced CMOS devices, nanowires or 2D materials,

(2) Surface related mechanical effects during processing,

(3) Advanced methods to probe strain at the nanoscale

(4) Simulations of strain in advanced devices or during processing.

The workshop is organized within the framework of GDRi MECANO and will take place on June 29-30, 2015, hosted by the IMEP-LHAC laboratory.

The goal will be to encourage an open discussion and collaboration efforts between the various groups in Europe working in that field. It will also be an opportunity for PhDs and Post-docs to present their results to a focused group of researchers.


GDRi Coordinator : Olivier Thomas (IM2NP, Aix-Marseille University)
Co-coordinators : Anne Ponchet (CEMES, CNRS, Toulouse) and T. Pardoen (Université Catholique Louvain, Belgium)