Self-organized nanostructures on crystal surfaces


June 30-July 12


Scope of the School & Workshop

Cargèse Summer School

Corsica, France

[Institut d’études scientifiques de Cargèse]


Thomas Frisch, Alberto Verga and Jean-Noël Aqua (IM2NP, Marseille) and

Chaouqi Misbah (LSP, Grenoble)

[Local committee]



The NanoSteps Summer School will focus on the following topics of interest in the domain of epitaxial crystal growth, thin film dynamics and nanostructures in semiconductors:

• Vicinal surface growth by molecular beam epitaxy

• Step flow instabilities: bunching, meandering, electromigration

• Self-organization, surface patterning and nanostructuration

• Morphological instabilities of thin solid films: elastic and kinetic effects

• Thin solid films, wetting, dewetting and faceting (silicon on insulator)

• Growth of semiconductor materials (Si/Ge, III-V), metals and alloys

• Electrical and optical properties of quantum dots

• Experimental characterization of crystal surfaces and interfaces

• Mathematical models and numerical methods for multi-scale problems


Last modified June 23, 2008