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Over the past five years, new developments in the field of plasmonics have emerged with the goal of finely tuning a variety of metallic nanostructures to enable a desired function. The use of plasmonics in spectroscopy is of course of great interest, due to large local enhancements in the optical near field confined in the vicinity of a metal nanostructure. For a given metal, such enhancements are dependent on the shape of the structure as well as the optical properties   ...
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Applied Spectroscopy, vol. 68, n°12, 1307-1326, 2014

Subwavelength-sized dielectric Mie resonators have recently emerged as a promising photonic platform, as they combine the advantages of dielectric microstructures and metallic nanoparticles supporting surface plasmon polaritons. Here, we report the capabilities of a dewetting-based process, independent of the sample size, to fabricate Si-based resonators over large scales starting from commercial silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates.   ...
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ACS Nano, asap (on line November 2014)



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