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The real-time (or life testing) soft-error rate (SER) measurement is an experimental reliability technique to determine the soft error sensitivity of a given component, circuit or system from the monitoring of a population of devices subjected to natural radiation and operating under nominal conditions. This review gives a survey over ...
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Microelectronics Reliability, 54, 8, 1455–1476 (August 2014)

The formation of atomically precise covalent networks directly on a surface is a promising approach to produce single layers of two-dimensional organic materials (2D polymers). In the emerging field of on-surface synthesis, there is an urgent need for finding a rationale to new reaction pathways taking place directly on the surface. ...
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Chem. Commun., 50, 9627-9635, 2014



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Directeur : Rachid Bouchakour | adresse administrative : Faculté des Sciences
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