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3ème workshop AMU/UTokyo le mardi 31/10 en visioconférence - Marc Bescond NQS IM2NP



3rd Aix-Marseille University/IIS-UTokyo Workshop







October 31th (Tues) 2023, 9:15-18:00 (JST)/ 1:15-10:00 (FR)



seminar room An-401, 402, An Building, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo (



Online Zoom meeting:

ID: 872 4676 3899

Password: 247202




Chair: Dr. Marc Bescond


9:309:45 (JST)/1:301:45 (FR)  Opening: AMU/UTokyo framework

Prof. Kazuhiko Hirakawa (LIMMS-IIS, UTokyo) - Dr. Marc Bescond (IM2NP-CNRS, AMU)


Session 1: “Bio-inspired energy devices”


9:4510:15 (JST)/1:452:15 (FR) 

Dr. Josene Toldo (ICR-CNRS, Aix-Marseille University)

“Nonadiabatic dynamics of photoexcited nucleic acids”


10:1510:45 (JST)/2:152:45 (FR) 

Dr. Anthony Genot (LIMMS-IIS, University of Tokyo)

“Programming and computing with DNA”


10:4511:15 (JST)/2:453:15 (FR)  Coffee break


11:1511:45 (JST)/3:153:45 (FR)

Prof. Fabienne Michelini (IM2NP-CNRS, Aix-Marseille University)

“Simulation of excitonic transport in bio-inspired systems”


Session 2: “Stretchable electronics”


11:4512:15 (JST)/3:454:15 (FR) 

Prof. Naoji Matsuhisa (LIMMS-IIS, University of Tokyo)

“Skin-conformable electronic devices by soft and stretchable electronic materials”



12:3014:30 (JST)/4:306:30 (FR)  Lunch



Chair: Prof. Kazuhiko Hirakawa


Session 3: “Heat control at the nanoscale and nanophotonics”


14:3014:45 (JST)/6:306:45 (FR) 

Dr. Sebastian Volz (LIMMS-IIS-CNRS, University of Tokyo)

“LIMMS Presentation”


14:4515:15 (JST)/6:457:15 (FR)

Dr. Sebastian Volz (LIMMS-IIS, University of Tokyo)

“Phonon polariton driven thermal radiation”


15:1515:45 (JST)/7:157:45 (FR) 

Prof. Satoshi Iwamoto (IIS, University of Tokyo)

“Topological photonics using integrated photonics platforms”


15:4516:15 (JST)/7:458:15 (FR)  Coffee break


16:1516:45 (JST)/8:158:45 (FR) 

Dr. Nicolas Bonod (Institut Fresnel-CNRS, Aix-Marseille University)

“Fitting experimental data of multiple optical materials' dielectric permittivities with a generalized Drude-Lorentz model”


Session 4: “Neural network devices”


16:4517:15 (JST)/8:459:15 (FR) 

Prof. Takashi Kohno (LIMMS-IIS, University of Tokyo)

“An endeavor towards brain-compatible AI”


17:1517:45 (JST)/9:159:45 (FR) 

Prof. Marc Bocquet (IM2NP-CNRS, Aix-Marseille University)

“In-Memory Computing - Hardware Accelerator for Embedded AI”


17:4518:00 (JST)/9:4510:00 (FR)  Closing

Prof. Kazuhiko Hirakawa and Dr. Marc Bescond